Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ball Is Rolling

It's all happening, and I'm loving it.
All the family know now, of the move, and it just makes things so much easier.
I can actively pack and talk about my move now and it feels wonderful.

I'm booking my tickets tomorrow. SO EXCITING!!!! It means we're actually moving, and we're REALLY doing it in June.

I'm praying my car sells before the 1st June. I need to book my removalist ASAP so I can secure the date.

The Moving Sale has been organised for May 29th. I'm going to organise some advertising for that this week. I need to grab some more boxes too, for the Garage Sale. I don't have many tables so I'll have to use the book-case, TV Unit, coffee tables, and Dining Table as displays for the other stuff.

I just cannot wait to touch Mojo again. The though of that first hug gives me tingles.

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