Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Flawed Ruby

My car needs fixing. There is something wrong with the bushes and the shocks. Got the quote to fix them today... $1680. I probably wouldn't get much more than that if I sold it. So that's probably what Im going to do, if I can sell it for $1000 then that's half of what I need to move. That way I only need to make another $1000 or so from the Garage Sale to do that.

Here's what I'm hoping to get from the Garage Sale:

3 seat Lounge & 2 Arm Chairs - $100 (May sell on ebay)
Lowline TV Unit - $30
Bookshelf - $30
5 piece Dining - $30
9 drawer dresser with mirror - $30
Childs wardrobe with draws - $20
lowboy 3x drawer - $10
2x Bedside Table = $10
Childs desk with 2xChairs = $10
Washing Machine - $20
Dryer - $50
Swing Set - $50
Glass Coffee Table - $20
Wooden Coffee Table - $10
Buffet & Hutch - $200 (may sell on ebay)
Convection Microwave - $15
2x double door wardrobes with key - $5 each
Books = $50
Kitchen Appliances = $10
Bric-a-brac = $50
TOTAL = $775

Okay, so not quite $1000 but close.
The books/appliances/bric-a-brac is a rough estimate. I have no idea how much that stuff will go for.
The problem with Garage Sales is that people want to pay $2 for everything. I want my furniture to actually fetch me some good money, I'm not selling it to get rid of it exactly. I'm selling it for the money.

*fingers crossed*

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