Sunday, May 2, 2010

We are just misguided ghosts

Mother knows I'm going to Darwin, and in fact the whole reveal went so smoothly it was almost a non-event and left me wondering if she actually heard me. The little Fish and Lioness stayed at Mother's house last night and apparently Lioness told her that we were "moving to Darwin to be with daddy". Mother asked Fish, who confirmed that we were going to Darwin. Part of me is annoyed that she would ask, like she was searching for information that she knew they would be to innocent to deny.
So Mother says to me today, are you planning on going to Darwin? To which I replied "Yes, I'm thinking about it". Mother just said "oh, tempest" and that was it. It was actually a very lovely day otherwise.

I think Mother still thinks I'll be here till the end of my lease, because she still talks about me getting more wood to survive the winter. Wishful thinking, perhaps. Anyway my plan of action is to contact my real estate, inform them that Fish's skin has suffered since being here and I have been tentatively diagnosed with S.A.D with the options of either Drugs or moving to a warmer climate to manage it. The more notice I give them, the easier the break will be. The more time they have to find another tenant. I will tell them that my plan is to move mid-June. That gives them approximately 6 weeks notice. That should be plenty, if they do their job.

I'm going to order some flyers for the Garage Sale, organise to sell my car and confirm my quote to move. I'll have to send Mojo to do a very small bit of house hunting, just look through a couple of places 2 weeks or so before I get there, so we can shortlist a few. Hopefully I'll have enough money for bond, otherwise we might have to apply for a bond loan through the dept housing.

Anyway, the point is, it's all happening!
I love you, Angel!

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