Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When the Rent is due.

I'm feeling really nervous about the rent situation in NT. The rents are so stupidly expensive. A 2 bedroom unit costs around $350 a week. That's $700 a fortnight - that's $100 less than I pay A MONTH for my rent now. If Mojo's not working (and neither am I) that will leave us $800 a fortnight to cover everything else. Food, bills, petrol, school fees, debts... I don't know if we'll manage it. What's worse is that the waiting list for Dept Housing is 3 years.
I need to get back into study and renew my skills so I can get some work. I'm so out of touch with my workplace skills.

Anyway it's late, and I'm tired. So off to bed with me.
Got a lot on tomorrow.

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