Friday, April 23, 2010

Clarification in the form of Tarot

1. The Now: Green Dragon Page. (fell from deck) reversed?
Your point of view is not appreciated. Think before you speak. Although you feel unappreciated do not rebel, keep focused and look beyond how you might feel at this time. As always it will blow over.

2. The Influential Vibrations: Green Dragon Ten(10)
A true sense of security is beginning to happen. It will come together. In working towards a successful completion, the key word now is organisation.
*Proximity: White Tiger 3: Money, property causing concern. Feelings are hurt and there is anger in the air. If not resolved a relationship could be severed,

3. The Reason: White Tiger Three(3)
Dispute and disagreement can escalate the emotional circumstances. Try to understand. Get a grip and avoid upheaval. The sudden change impacts all concerned. No amount of blame can alter anyone's feelings. Use and release.

4: The Last Ten Days: White Tiger Six(6) reversed
Forging ahead can only make things worse. Don't give in to your negetive thoughts. A positive cycle change is imminent and beneficial. A slight setback regarding plans will eventuatually prove to be more advantageous. Take this time to evaluate your intentions.

5. Possible Consequences: Materialism
The sooner you put a halt to your present situation the better it will be. You have created an almost impossible position for yourself. Mend bridges & conserve what you can. Recognise something has to change. Be open and say it as it is.

6. The Next Ten Days: Red Phoenix Three(3)
Celebration time is on the way. Enjoy the feeling and use it well.Good things are happening. Something is in the latter stages of development that will be pleasing and most satisfactory.

7. The Apprehension I Feel: Transition
You are beginning to see a new you. It has not been easy to reach this point. Refuse to look back, the path you have walked and the experiences you have had are in the past. Complete change is entering your present circumstances. Transition cleanses, leaving you free to dream a new dream. Be open to a new strength.

8. The Feelings of Others: Green Dragon Nine (9)
Perhaps your sense of security prevents you from exploring beyond your comfort zone? Wanting something more from life, but unable to pinpoint what. Truth maybe that you like it this way. Perhaps you need a zap of colour to your life.

9. The Positive Aspect: Justice
You will receive what you have earned. Positive vibrations will create a new vista of opportunities. Positive vibratory flow is now beginning. It is important that you do not look back. Old patterns do not fit in the scheme of things. Justice will compensate, time to have patience.

10. The Expected Results in Thirty Days: The Emperor
With discipline you can acheive your goal. Precise planning is called for. Everything has its own time to mature. That being so, avoid breaking your own rules. You created a plan, you set the time element, and now you are ready to make it happen. If the situation becomes problematic and chaos sets in, adjustments may need to be made.

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