Thursday, April 22, 2010

Up the creek...

Well.... it's out.... sort of.

Mother knows I'm thinking of going, she assumed back with Mojo. I lied - because I just don't want to deal with that right now - and said Hervey Bay. Mother assumed Jamie would go back to Hervey Bay if I was there. I told her Mojo has no intention of moving out of Darwin.

Everything happens for a reason right?

I actually feel bad for her. I know she's heartbroken and angry and feels betrayed and I feel bad for that. I know she will miss the kids.

I'm just waiting for the abusive phone calls now. I was supposed to go to Iron Fest on Sunday with Father, I can see that NOT happening now. No doubt Mother will be straight on the phone to him. No doubt he will ring to tear strips off me.

I was sort of hoping that I could have avoided this for a few weeks. At LEAST until the middle of May! WTF is going on now. This may bring my move forward if I have to live here with them and the bullshit that's going to ensue.


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