Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greener Pastures

So The decision has been made. I'm moving as soon as I can post May 11th. I made the decision on my own; without consulting anyone, or asking for permission. As it should be, me being an adult and a parent and my own person.

Screw everyone else. Fuck them all with their guilt tripping and manipulation tactics. Moving away from Bathurst will NOT screw up my children, it will not result in a shit education and stupid kids. It will not make them resent and loathe me growing up. I didn't move around as a kid, and I resent and loathe my family anyway.

Think I might start slowing selling bits and pieces... books mainly. I'm waiting to get some quotes from removalists for a few items and if the quote is reasonable I'll take some of my books.

I can't wait to be with him, back in his arms; exactly where I belong. I had things to learn, and I am learning them hard and fast. I know it will make me a better person, a better lover/wife/mother for my family. My clan.

I don't even care if I'm addicted. It feels right and it feels good. I love him.


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