Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy like a fox!

I don't want to wait until someone else tells me it's okay to move to Darwin. Why can't I tell myself it's okay? Why is my own permission not enough?

I am craving Mojo's touch and it's driving my crazy. I can remember how warm his skin is, how he smells, the way he feels. Yes, I am sending myself crazy with frustration.

It's Mercury Retrograde at the moment (through Taurus, for those of you who care) and regardless of how extruciating it is to wait, I will not under any circumstances knowingly move in a Merc Rx. It's just contractual suicide and I'm bad enough with being "tied down" as it is. So I will do my best to wait till AT LEAST 11th May before I move.

I will try, my hardest, to be patient. I owe it to Mojo to be me best when I get back to him. I hope he can wait for me.


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