Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Note to Self.

Dear Tempest,

This is a courteous letter to poin out some things I want you to remember when you hit a wall, which you tend to do so I don't think it's being too pessimistic writing this to you now.

1. You really do love Mojo, stop trying to convince yourself you don't. You have never loved anyone else, and won't likely love anyone else the way you do him. He loves you too, start listening to the things he tells you - he makes it known all the time in his subtle Mojo ways. He loves you. Belive him.

2. You don't NEED to move away, you need a break away - probably together. Hire an overnight baby sitter and grab a night in a hotel somewhere. OR go on a holiday to see someone for a week. Do something different instead of running away.

3. You do not like being close to your family. You love them, of course, but they are an interferring, controlling, manipulative, negetive lot and you really can't stand them. This will never change.

4. Do you REALLY think taking the kids away from Mojo again is the best thing to do? Trust me when I tell you this - you don't. You always doubt your decision and hate yourself when you do it. Stop doing it.

5. You do not do well in the cold, ever. You never have. Everytime you move to Bathurst you get cold and the cold makes you depressed. Remember the S.A.D?? Don't go there. It's no good for you or your kids.

Please remember these points nex time you're sad, or even if you think you're sad. I am telling you the truth. I know, because I'm you.

Lots of love

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